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– Sheryl is also a published author of her own cook book “Sheryl Westerman’s Light & Healthy Cook Book”


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Sheryl Westerman

Sheryl believes that weight loss has many different components. One of the most important being changing the way you think. Where most diet programs talk solely about food, they do not address the underlining factor, which is changing your mindset. It all starts in the brain.

Addressing the food issues is about knowing when and what to eat, not skipping meals, being prepared, portion control, and realizing that all the little bites and tastes add up. Weight loss is all about choices. Wherever you go there will always be temptations, but in spite of that there is always going to be a good choice.

Sheryl has the innate ability to find solutions that each client can incorporate into his or her daily life. While advocating exercise for all around good health is important, one must also understand that it is only 20 percent of the weight loss journey. The other 80 percent is the food you eat.  And being well hydrated is essential.

Sheryl’s philosophy is simple and she promises no magic cures. She pinpoints each client’s individual eating patterns, taste for foods, daily routines, weak spots and strong suits.

Sheryl was an overweight child, teenager and young adult, and totally understands the difficulty of a weight loss journey. This has lead her to become passionate about her career as she has walked in these shoes. In order to be successful you need a personal nutrition and motivational weight loss coach who will inspire you to get rid of all the past failures and stop beating yourself up. No matter what has happened in the past every day is a new day to start.

Her positive attitude is infectious and inspires clients to never give up. Sheryl works with people from all walks of life from internationally known celebrities and corporate CEOs to adults of all ages and sizes, and children too. No matter how much one wants or needs to lose weight, Sheryl will put them on the right path. Seeing the scale go down weekly becomes a reality and a natural high—and the ultimate motivator.

Sheryl was born, raised and educated in South Africa where she did all of her nutritional studying and training. She was fortunate enough to become the protégée of one of the most internationally renowned weight loss coaches. She has continued to stay educated and is always coming up with new ideas and solutions. Sheryl has practiced as a nutritionist for forty years. Since moving to Atlanta in 1993, Sheryl has had her own private practice.

“Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.”

Rachel Gaston

Rachel Gaston, MS, RD, LD

Rachel Gaston is a Registered Dietitian and has almost a decade of professional nutrition experience. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia and her Masters Degree in Nutrition at Georgia State University. She has worked to educate her clients on both disease prevention and treatment. She specializes in weight loss, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, high cholesterol, gastrointestinal disorders, sports nutrition, and pre/post-natal nutrition. She works with clients of all ages, including children. She has also represented companies as a public speaker in her area of expertise. Her nutrition research has been published in the Journal of Renal Nutrition.

As a working mom, she understands the challenges of juggling work, life, and staying healthy. Rachel feels that it is important to lead by example in order to motivate her clients. To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Rachel enjoys being active. She loves running, playing tennis, and is an avid Crossfitter. She loves to cook, try new recipes, and frequent local farmers markets to pick out fresh ingredients.

  • Speaker – Shire Pharmaceuticals, Georgia State University, School Nutrition Programs
  • Preceptor – Georgia State University, Life University
  • Publication –  “Improved Patient Phosphorus Outcomes with the Use of  Lanthanum Carbonate.” Journal of Renal Nutrition
  • Honors – Clinical Excellence Award from Georgia State University; Village Paradise Award, DSS Leadership Program and Value Award from Davita, Inc.

Julia Kesler

Julia Kesler – Private Chef

Julia Kesler is a private chef who specializes in weight-loss meals & meal prep, with the highest quality, locally sourced, organic ingredients at the forefront of every dish. She is committed to creating meals that help her clients achieve their weight loss and health goals.

Julia works closely with several of Sheryl’s clients to create personalized, tailored, and balanced meals specific to their dietary preferences and in accordance with Sheryl’s plan. She tailors all menus to meet any dietary needs or allergies, and offers both in home cooking and delivery services.